Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo by Therefore

Therefore is releasing a series of skills for Amazon's Alexa. The first releases have been adapted from The Alexa Dialogues performance. These are experimental skills that stretch the boundaries of what's possible with the current generation of voice driven AI.

Hell Yellow Alexa Skill by Therefore

Hell Yellow

Talk nonsense to Alexa and she will talk it right back to you. Tell her to stop and she just can’t can't can't cant. This skill is based on Dada nonsense poems, performed over 100 years ago in the Dada international art movement.
To get it the skill say: "Alexa, enable Hell Yellow skill" or search for Hell Yellow in the Alexa app.
To run the skill once installed say "Alexa, Let's Dada!" to talk nonsense with Alexa.
Get Hell Yellow for your Alexa right here.
See how this was performed live here.


Itchy Alexa Skill by Therefore

Itchy Echo

Can two Alexa devices talk to each other? For the first time in a skill, yes they can. If you have two you can get them to talk to each other. All you have to do is change the wake word to “Echo” on one device and “Alexa” on the other and put them next to each other. Then ask Alexa “Can an AI get itchy?” and they will have a back and forth conversation. Includes mature (bleeped) language. 
To get the skill say: "Alexa, enable Itchy Echo skill"
To get them to run once the skill is installed, put them next to each other, one with the wake word "Echo" and the other "Alexa" and say "Alexa, can an AI ever get itchy?"

Get Itchy Echo for your Alexa right here!


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